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Wenger ke Malaysia?

Sabtu, 6 Jun 2009

ok, so wenger is gonna come to malaysia and this event is organized by some company and this company invited AFCSM to join with some sort of photo session.

Here's the schedule:

Arsene Wenger will be in KL on next
Tuesday 9th June

AFCSM members will get a special
chance to meet the man

We will be given 15 minutes for group
photography session

Please wear your Arsenal Jersey
preferably Red ( Home )

Due to time constrains no autography
session is planned

However organizer will distribute
postcards signed by Wenger

Date : Tuesday 9th June 2009

Time : 11.45 am

Venue : Padang Dataran Merdeka KL

I am still waiting for full official
itinerary from organizer

Tentative Agenda below:

10.30am - Arrival of Arsene Wenger
VIPs, FAM under 19 team & Officials

11.00am - Coaching Clinic for
Malaysian Under 19 team by Wenger

11.45am - AFCSM Fans Photo session
with Wenger

12.00pm - Public photo session with

12.30pm - Event ends

I've just send out an email to sukumar asking whether we can join in or not, so please cross ur fingers and hope for the best..



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