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Iran Biggest Celebrations

Jumaat, 19 Mac 2010

Nourooz 1389 (2010) Iran’s  New Year
The New Year celebration of Iran ( NOWROOZ ) is the biggest and happening celebration over the year. The Iranian have their own calendar base on the calculation of the sun and were followed by other Persian Culture. The calendar was started same as the hijriyah year that all the Islamic Countries used but the hijriyah ( taqwim qamari ) is based on the movement of moon around the earth and the duration of the day will become shorter than calculated by sun.

The celebration of ‘nowrooz mubarak’ is the same as the celebration of ‘Hari Raya’ in Malaysia. There also make all the preparation to welcome new year  furthermore the whole country will get at least two weeks break to celebarate this occasion. They also visits their parents and family, neighbourhood and close friends. The money giving and gifts are one of their believes in Persian culture. One of the best things they will forgive the old problem and become a new man in this coming new year.
“Iran traditionally releases some prisoners before the New Year holiday, which begins March 21 and normally ends April 4. While the semiofficial ISNA news agency said Mirdamadi's release came within the framework of the holiday leaves, it also can be seen a part of an effort by the Iranian government to ease tensions in the country.
Iranian security forces arrested Mirdamadi on June 13, a day after the country's disputed election that won President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a second four-year term.
Mirdamadi was among more than 100 prominent political figures and activists who were put on a mass trial following the crackdown on opposition supporters who claim Ahmadinejad won the election by fraud.”-ABC News



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